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            A typical of sardarji 

                 The  month  of  November,  and it was a pleasant Monday
            morning of New Delhi.  We(four of us) were going in  a  taxi
            near J N stadium, where we saw a march of BSF jawans dressed
            in royal costumes.  Some  were  riding  on  camels,  few  on
            horses,  and  others  were  following  with a spear in their
            hand. It all looked like an army of a king.

                 Seeing that, one of us dared to ask  the  taxi  driver,
            who was sardarji,

            "Bhaisahab ye sab kya hai?"

            thinking  that  he  would  know about the BSF mela. An event
            held by BSF, for which those jawans were dressed like  that,
            and which we came to know about later.

            "Ji!, Punjabi mein hum use oont kehate hain !!",

            driver  replied  very  drily. Surprised  we  all,   at  once 
            burst into a laughter. He stopped taxi  in  front  of   the
            Electronics  Niketan,  we  got  down,  paid  him, and walked
            towards our destination. We couldn't stop recollecting  all,
            and laughing over, for  whole  day during lunch, over a tea,
            again on the dinning table. I think, we wonn't  stop  recol-
            lecting it ever.