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                  ...she  had  an unusual calmness around
            her. One,  that  everyone  strives  for.  The
            calmness  of  a floating kite. That character
            of a river.   Calmness  which,  monks  attain
            through divine realisation, and turtles gain,
            perhaps, through years  of  watching  genera-
            tions  pass  by.  I  found it soothing like a
            river; So tender, yet extremely  captivating.
            Her low voice, quiet smile, all had an excep-
            tional gracefulness to it. I never  told  her
            all  this;  Actually, I couldn’t. And today I
            think, some things are just meant not  to  be
            conveyed;  They are meant to become memories,
            and we are suppose to cherish  them  for  the